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I try to produce top quality videos for TechOmaha by using a higher-end video camera and always using an external mic. But shooting a presenter and a video screen in a darkened room is no easy task. It’s always a battle to get the screen readable and not have the presenter so dark that you can’t tell who they are. When the room is too dark, I end up with a lot of “noise” or “grain” in the video. So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to remedy this. The obvious solution was a new camera. The latest models have improved sensors that produce less noise in low light. But a new camcorder that does what I need is not an inexpensive item. The extended battery alone is over $100! I run TechOmaha on coins I find in the couch cushions so a new camera is not an option right now. I started looking for other solutions.
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