Omaha Meetups and User Groups

Below is a list of meetups and user groups in the Omaha area. If you know of of a group not listed, please contact TechOmaha

Audacious Agile Conversations With Lean Coffee in Omaha
Atlassian User Group
Agile For Defense
Defcon 402
Omaha Coffee and Code
GNMUG – Greater Nebraska Macintosh User Group
Heartland Oracle User Group
InfraGard Nebraska
ISACA Omaha – Information Security Auditor group
Meteor Omaha
Nebraska JS
Nebraska Virtual Reality Meetup
NG Nebraska (AngularJS)
OJUG – Omaha Java User Group
OLUG – Omaha Linux User Group
Omaha Agile Development
Omaha Beer && Code   BeerCodeOmaha on Twitter
Omaha Bytes – technology outreach club for high school students
Omaha Cloud Computing Group
Omaha Digital Artist Meetup
Omaha Friends of Joomla
Omaha Game Developers Association
Omaha Go
Omaha Maker Group
Omaha Microsoft Technology Group – Including .NET user group
Omaha Mobile Group
Omaha Perl Mongers
Omaha PowerShell User Group
Omaha Python User Group
Omaha Ruby and Open Source Meetup
Omaha Software Development Public Speaking Meetup
Omaha SQL/BI User Group
Omaha UX Group
Side Projects Club
UX Happy Hour Book Club
VMUG – Omaha Area VMware User Group
Women in Technology of the Heartland
WP Omaha (WordPress)
Omaha Google Developer Group (Android)
Omaha’s Emerging Developers
Data Science and Big Data Omaha
Omaha Spring Users Group
Nebraska Salesforce Developers
Omaha Coding Women
Wine and Code
Omaha Azure
Omaha Amazon Web Services
Omaha Unity 3D
Omaha DevOps
Nebraska Virtual Reality
Omaha Software Testing & QA

Other links:
AIM Institute – organizes the InfoTec and HDC conferences every year
AITP Omaha – Association for Information Technology Professionals

There are more meetups listed on Omaha