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Mentoring Ideas and Advantages

Mentoring has been a hot topic of conversation for women in technology eager to advance their careers. While we can all agree that there are definite advantages to mentoring, there hasn’t been a tangible guidebook for a mentee.

Ameshia Doll-Weier presents a mentorship “how-to”. She discusses the benefits of mentorship, how to choose a mentor, how to be a good mentee, and gives some actionable next steps for becoming a mentor or mentee. She shares with us a new, but hugely valuable, concept of micro-mentoring, which is being mentored without the formality.

Ameshia Doll-Weier began her career in IT more than 10 years ago by taking a leap from social work into computer programming. Shortly after making the change, she realized that even in IT people are at the heart of everything and she became passionate about improving communication throughout her teams. She found a niche in project management and leaned into the role of Scrum Master. Ameshia is now a Lead Scrum Master at FNBO where she heads a team of trainers in Agile Certification for new Scrum teams.

Mentoring had a huge positive impact throughout her career. Her mentors led her to the realization that your ambitions do not have to fade away as you grow older, they can shine brighter. Ameshia is an excellent example of how it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

Our event was sponsored by Shyft Solutions and the Zoom call was sponsored by Farm Credit Services.